100% Chillout

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Release date: 25.09.2009

Vö 25.09.2009

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Nr Track Artist Soundclips
1.01 Mother Earth Brothers Moreno
1.02 Gypsy Clamente, Diego
1.03 Cool breeze Iboshim Sounds
1.04 Sunset on the water Iboshim Sounds
1.05 Dream machine Wilderness
1.06 Time tracking Brothers Moreno
1.07 Distant shores Long Shadows
1.08 The maze Eskape
1.09 25 miles across Governing Body
1.10 Glimpse of home Glimpse of home
1.11 Feeling fine 40 Wonders
1.12 Road to heaven Long Shadows
1.13 Boat song Wilderness
2.01 Brokeback mountain (Main Theme) L'Orchestra Cinematique
2.02 Million dollar baby (Main Theme) L'Orchestra Cinematique
2.03 Cavatina (From The deer hunter) Musica Paradiso
2.04 Braveheart (Main Theme) Celtic Fayre
2.05 Titanic suite (Main Theme) Celtic Fayre
2.06 Gollum's song (From Lord of the rings - The two tower) L'Orchestra Cinematique
2.07 The last emperor (Main Theme) L'Orchestra Cinematique
2.08 The golden pass (Main Theme) L'Orchestra Cinematique
2.09 The English patient (Main Theme) Musica Paradiso
2.10 Weep you no more sad mountains (From Sense and sensibility) L'Orchestra Cinematique
2.11 Chevaliers de Sangreal (From The Da Vinci code) L'Orchestra Cinematique
2.12 Miller's crossing (Main Theme) Celtic Fayre
2.13 The piano (Main Theme) Simone, Michel
2.14 May it be (From Lord of the rings - The fellowship of the ring) Howe, Jenny
2.15 Crash (Main Theme) L'Orchestra Cinematique
2.16 Monster's ball (Main Theme) L'Orchestra Cinematique
2.17 Chariots of fire (Main Theme) L'Orchestra Cinematique
3.01 Strange and beautiful Sacre / Monroe, Marc
3.02 Neapolitan dreams Sacre / Trudie
3.03 Which will Harrington, Dee
3.04 Careless love Sacre / Mia
3.05 Warwick Avenue Hopgood, Andi
3.06 Everybody's talkin' Lost Angels
3.07 Everybody hurts Morrison, Rachel
3.08 Fields of gold Celtic Fayre / Earwicker, Rachel
3.09 1.000 miles Sacre / Zoe
3.10 Sail away Morrison, Rachel
3.11 Fix you Sacre / Monroe, Marc
3.12 Closest thing to crazy Eden, Joanna
3.13 Leave right now Orr, Sammy
3.14 Have I told you lately Morrison, Rachel
3.15 Make it with you Lost Angels
3.16 Hallelujah Lawrence, Kieran
4.01 Ole ole ole Jorge, Alfredo
4.02 Latina del acordion Covas, Daniel Lopez
4.03 Sol y chicas Freeglide Project, The
4.04 Heat it up Ramirez Brothers
4.05 Bajo dulce Diamond Alliance
4.06 Spanish lullaby Beats Boutique, The
4.07 Isla del brillo Roberto Y Silvestre
4.08 Rhythmatico Ocean Dream Liner
4.09 Port de soller Enlightened Four, The
4.10 My world (D&B Remix) Court Out / Lee, Mary
4.11 To the store Beats Electrik
4.12 Sax control Modern Science
4.13 Songs for Mimi Chan Long Shadows
5.01 Barber's Adagio for strings I Solisti Italiani
5.02 Debussy's Clair de lune Planes, Alain
5.03 Satie's Gymnopédie No. 1 Danceries
5.04 Beethoven's Moonlight sonata Gelber, Bruno-Leonardo
5.05 J.S. Bach's Air on a g string Societas Musica Chamber Orchestra Copenhagen
5.06 Handel's Water music: 'Air' Camerata Bern / Frü, Thomas
5.07 Vivaldi's The four seasons: 'Summer' I Solisti Italiani
5.08 Chopin's Nocturne op. 27 No. 2 in D-flat major Tropp, Vladimir
5.09 Saint-Saens' Carnival of the animals: The swan Philarmonia Orchestra / Groves, Sir Charles
5.10 Boccherini's String quintet in E major: Minuet Philarmonia Ensemble Berlin
5.11 Handel's Serse: Largo I Solisti Italiani
5.12 Vaughan Williams' Fantasia on greensleeve Philarmonia Orchestra / Groves, Sir Charles
5.13 Massenet's Thais: Meditation Chee-Yun
5.14 Albinoni's Adagio in g minor I Solisti Italiani